Academic Projects

The projects shown in this list have been developed as part of different courses, at different stages of my architectural studies, as well as entries for acedemic competitions for architectural students.

Urban Development in Nottigham Meadows (2009)


Submission for MARch course (Zero Carbon Housing). Following the brief for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 competition of a 70m2 passive solar dwelling for a family of four, to fit the United Kigdom range of climatic conditions, as well as Madrid's. This excercise adds an urban layer. The development makes use of traditional Victorian alleyways as hidden but public areas of the city, and recreates them to regenerate a let down neighbourhood within Nottingham area. This housing unit came in as First Runner Up in the Architecture School internal competition, which selected the Nottingham entry for the actual Solar Decathlon Europe Competition for 2010.

Solar Decathlon Madrid (2010)


This very quick excercise which required to design a housing unit to fit the Solar Decathlon competition brief, considering Madrid climatic conditions.

Architecture Museum in Beijing (2008)


Sumbission for MArch course (Advanced Environmental Design module). Set on a precious expanse of landscape in dense and highly urbanized Beijing, the project attempts to to merge with the site, while extracting inspiration from the traditional 'hutong', vernacular city with a human scale. The brief requiered the use of natural light as the only lighting source. All design features were tested using tools such as a heliodon, artificial sky, wind tunnels, and performance prediction software.

Bioclimatic Highschool in Paihuano, Chile (2003)


Developed within the requirements of the Unesco / Ministry of Education national competition for architecture students, this rural school is located in a small monrainous town within the Elqui Valley, in the Coquimbo Region, northern Chile. The brieg required an arquitecture with passive strategies that understood the local climate and ways of living. This project was awarded 2nd Place.