Academic Projects

Museum of Architecture in Beijing (2008)

The brief requested teams of two students to design a museum of architecture in a specific site in Beijing.


The museum required the use of natural daylight to be the only source of lighting, making this the primary environmental concern. All design features were tested in artificial sky, heliodon, and performance prediction software, to ensure optimum light levels in the most relevant spaces during key times of the year, depending on the role and the proposed exhibits.


This project was chosen for its coherent environmental strategies and consistent quality of its testing to be exhibited in the Architectural Association in February, 2009.



Project Generation - Urban Landscape


The site is an open space in the middle of a highly urbanized area. As such, it works as a break from the city grid. The project takes this, generating and becoming landscape to create a pause in the city. The exhibition areas are set as 'hutong', the typical Beijing alley, the vernacular human scale within the city, where a variety of activities have historically been developed and nurtured, but which the rushed growth of the city has inevitably cast aside.