Academic Projects

Bioclimatic School in Pahuano (2003)

Chilean Ministry of Education called architecture graduate students across the country  to compete in the re-designing of spaces for education. Their request was the design of bioclimatic schools in any rural location of the country.


The project, developed by a group of four students, is set in Paihuano, a village in Elqui Valley, famous for the production of wine.   The project interprets the educational space as one classroom where all instances can aid in the learning experience.  'Educational bands' occupy the entire site area. Each band represents a learning stage, and hosts related program. To unify the different constructions, as well as aid in the use of external spaces, a shading structure runs along the whole project, changing its grid depending on the space it covers.

The air is very dry and crisp, and diurnal temperature differences are extreme. The architectural language is inspired by the valley's source of progress, which is the grape vine and wine produce, and understands the vine's relation to the environment; spread out to optimize radiation management.


The main construction materials are adobe and timber, which are typical of the area, and can deal with the diurnal variations without the aid of other active methods.


This project was awarded 2nd Place in the National Competition, sponsored by Chilean Ministry of Education and UNESCO