Environmental Design Consultancy

National Public Prosecution, Main Headquarters (2012)
Total area: 13,124 m²
Architects: Lateral Arquitectos
Studies developed as part of Estudio Diav.

Located in the centre of Santiago, in an area of very high density, this project rises in the shape of a "C", with an interior courtyard. The courtyard is a semi-public intermediate space, which will bring  daylight into the interior spaces.


The most complex issues to manage were the use of natural daylight, the optimisation of heat gains without creating overheating, and the reduction of cooling and heating loads due to high internal gains. A particular factor was a high level of air tightness, both between inside and outside, but between interior spaces as well, due to security issues.


We specified a building envelope -mostly glazing of different qualities, depending on orientation, security requirements, activity, etc- and designed passive solar management systems

We simulated and tested these strategies in terms of energy, which later allowed to dimension different HVAC systems, and defined strategies for simultaneous heating and cooling requirements. We evaluated and compared different HVAC systems proposals in economical terms, to determine investments requirements and returns. We also provided daylighting studies which aided in defining interior layouts, and partitions materials. In more general terms, we assisted as coordinators between energy efficiency and other building services related projects.


We managed to prove energy use reduction of 25% over initial HVAC energy demands, while ensuring natural lighting quality.