Environmental Design Consultancy

Faculty of Medicine - Andrés Bello University (2012)
Total area: 14,500 m²
Architects: Murtinho + Raby Arquitectos
Studies developed as part of Estudio Diav.

Andres Bello University's new Faculty of Medicine lays out as a bracket facing east.  Classroom are set on all other perimeters. Hallways and intermediate spaces connect the courtyard to the classrooms.


The building has 5 storey and houses classrooms, laboratories, libraries, common lounge areas, administrative offices, canteen areas, etc. The architect's main concern was that the building facade provided appropriate daylight management, specially for the classrooms.


Besides the natural lighting concern, the high occupation density of the classrooms also ensured the need of large ventilation rates, both during summer and winter.


The facade was studied through daylighting models, and its effect tested with energy simulations. Once the facade design was considered optimum, we assisted the HVAC engineers in their design. With these results, we were able to dimension an underground cooling system.

Faculty of Medicine

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