Environmental Design Consultancy

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Chile (2013)
Total area: 7,270 m²
Architects:Faculty of Architecture, University of Chile
Studies developed as part of Estudio Diav.

The new Faculty of Philosophy of University of Chile, located in the Juan Gomez Millas campus is a 5 storey building shaped like an 'L', creating an  open area towards the north-east orientation, protected and shaded by a large suspended structure. The program is mainly administrative, with some classrooms in lower levels.


Given the shape  and plan layout, it was proposed that the building make maximum use of solar gains for heating, and the facade be treated to manage natural light as well as reduce heating and cooling loads. The main concern was to optimise occupants comfort, while reducing operation costs. The building envelope was worked and tested to this end, as well as several HVAC system proposals.


Additionally, shading and radiation analysis were carried out for the external areas of the building, in order the design the appropriate level of opacity of the suspended roof. This needed to be adapted not only to create a comfortable semi-exterior area, but to reduce excessive shading on the relevant facades.