Environmental Design Consultancy

Hotel Parinacota, Putre (2014)
Total area: 1,900 m²
Architects: Cazu Zegers Arquitectura
Studies developed as part of Estudio Diav.

Hotel Solar is located at the edges of Calama, a small city in the dryness of Atacama desert, under geographical circumstances which demand energy self sufficiency.  Radiation and diurnal variations are brutal, as are the winds and dust, product of nearby mining processes.


The project is compact, organised around inner, well protected courtyards which bring light into corridors, while the rooms -each of them a prefabricated module- close up the outer perimeters. This hotel main feature is a rough double skin which protects the rooms from the intense solar radiation, wind and dust.


We studied the performance of different layouts with the scheme described before, as well as different kinds of envelopes, all of which considered different levels of thermal mass in their make. We also provided shading and daylighting analysis to evaluate the effects of different suggested designs for the outer skin on interior spaces.


We also developed energy simulations to predict HVAC cooling and heating loads, and free running performance considering occupants comfort.

Hotel Solar

Energy model of possible layouts