Environmental Design Consultancy

Bank of Chile Main Headquarters - Retrofit Project (2014-2015)
Total area: 7,500 m² (to date)
Architects: S3
Studies developed as part of Estudio Diav.

The rehabilitation of historical Bank of Chile's main headquarters in Santiago, has been planned by stages. The complex was originally one high density block in city centre filled with a number of buildings, created as the times required. Some of these constructions have protected heritage status.  The project attempts to unify all buildings, making use of interstitial areas, and renovating all buildings. It considers new HVAC, lighting, and other services, as well as new layouts and furniture.


The main feature is the use of all external residual spaces to be integrated into circulations, and to be used to provide better spaces and ventilation within the buildings. To date on early 2015, we have simulated different  office layouts and indoor materials for the offices, in order  to ensure better natural light. We have also developed energy models to assist the design of HVAC systems.

The most relevant feature consists of the new cafeterias on the top level, which was originally planned as an atrium. Together with the hallways, these areas presented great opportunity to develop natural ventilation strategies. At the same time, there were great concerns for overheating, and for very warm air moving downwards towards the offices. We proposed shading devices able to operate in summer and winter. We also tested the possibility of using stack ventilation to improve air circulation, and aid the mechanical ventilation systems.